"We who merit no special tribute should aspire to honor those that do."- d.k.  

      American Heroes Flagpoles has established a registered 501-c-3 non profit organization as of July of 2022 with a mission to donate a set number [100] of hand crafted wooden flagpoles installed over five years to deserving American veterans selected on the basis of individual merit. Every flagpole donated includes delivery and installation and a military ceremony with Honor Guard, all at no cost to the recipients. All flagpoles donated are 25' handcrafted traditional Northern Red Oak wooden flagpoles in choice of clear varnish or marine white yacht paint finish, and include custom mounting base and all hardware and rigging.


  • Combat Wounded, Combat Disabled, and / or Combat Decorated
  • Submit application and DD-214, along with war record.
  • Any conflict, any war, any era.
  • Supply references and Letter of Request
  • Branch of service: ALL
  • Military Rank: ALL
  • Geographic Region: Northeast U.S.A.


After 18 years as the owner and master craftsman of Adirondack Flagpoles, with over 450 handcrafted traditional wooden flagpoles in 44 states across the U.S.A., my flagpoles are no longer for sale commercially. As I approach 71 years of age I am closing my Veteran Owned Business to found and become the Founder and first Director of the American Heroes Flagpole Foundation. Over the last two decades Adirondack Flagpoles, the only full time traditional wooden flagpole manufacturer in North America, has donated at least one flagpole per year to a deserving combat veteran or wounded warrior. These donations and the accompanying ceremonies, the Honor so long overlooked for so many who sacrificed greatly for our Freedom, has led to the most rewarding moments of my career. I am now finally in a position to re-focus the purpose of my work and my goals in life. With a small group of outstanding officers and other veterans we have created the AHF Foundation with one purpose only, to honor great American heroes for their Service and Sacrifice. Twenty flagpoles per year will be fabricated, all 25' handcrafted Northern Red Oak, delivered and installed with a military ceremony for each deserving recipient. Initially for our first year the veterans selected will be from the Northeastern United States to streamline the logistics of delivery and ceremonies. I was born for this, this is my mission, and the capstone of my career honoring America with my Adirondack Flapoles. Please join me in this worthy cause.
   Thank you,  Danny Kaifetz.


What symbol could better express a Nation's gratitude to those who served than a flagpole flying the Colors. We are giving Honor to those that earned it and were denied. We OWE these heroes, especially a generation that has never received the proper respect for their service and sacrifice. While we are nowhere near paying back these great Americans that were the best we had, we are trying to give them the one thing that our Nation forgot to do: that is to say THANK YOU ... for all you did.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial    

Click photo for veteran testimonials


During my nearly two decades as owner of Adirondack Flagpoles we made it a point to give away one handcrafted flagpole to a combat veteran or wounded warrior each year. These are a few of their stories, take your time please... every minute is worth viewing. I learned about what makes real heroes from the best, and honoring these men who served our nation with such valor was priceless to me, and the inspiration for American Heroes Flagpoles. Thank you for letting me share a few of these experiences with you. Click on the photo of First Sgt. Kim Zane Fox of Albany, Oregon to view his story and a number of other brave veterans describing the experience of receiving their flagpoles.

  • Veteran Applicants please go here: VETERANS APPLICATIONS

  • Sponsorship: Our sponsorship comes primarily from the base of over 450 Adirondack Flagpoles clients and flagpole owners. We have been extremely fortunate and grateful that so many of these fine Americans have stepped up to make the American Heroes Flagpoles Foundation a reality, and to join us in honoring so many deserving veterans.

  • Other contributions are welcome.

  • Please go here to fill out a sponsorship form: SPONSORSHIP


  • We can always use some volunteers for logistics, veterans relations, and
    general administration. Please email us from the CONTACT page
    if you wish to volunteer. Together we can make this a great project.

THE FINAL "100":

  • Our goal is to handcraft and install 100 flagpoles over the next five years, each with a full military ceremony honoring a deserving combat Veteran. It is possible if this venture is succesful we may continue beyond that.
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