" We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us." - Winston Churchill  

Qualified veteran applicants for an American Heroes flagpole will have served at least one tour of duty in a combat zone, any war any era. We will give deference to combat wounded, combat disabled, and combat decorated. Please complete the information below and mail to AHFF c/o Danny Kaifetz, 38 Parker Trail, Owls Head, NY 12969. Any questions about any of the information feel free to contact us by phone or email.

  • Copy of DD-214 [we can help with your records if you need us]
  • Name, age, address, complete contact information.

  • Character references: military, friends, family, neighbors, other vets.
  • A personal letter from you stating what this honor would mean to you.

    NOTE: This letter is the most important part of your application and will have a major impact on our consideration of each applicant. Let us know how you feel about your service, how you feel about this great Nation, and what this flagpole honor would mean to you.


  • Age: no limits
  • Gender: M or F
  • Branch of service: ALL
  • Military Rank: ALL
  • Honorable Discharge
  • Combat Veterans only: any wartime service or deployment.
  • Geographic Region: Northeast U.S.A.

Selection Procedure:

  • All application will be reviewed by staff to ensure qualifications are met.
  • The approved application group will be distributed to an appointed Selection Committee of founding sponsors.
  • A minimum of 1/3 of the Selection Committee will be veterans.
  • Each application will be individually reviewed and discussed in a teleconference by the Committe members.
  • A final vote will take place in mid December to select the 20 veteran recipients for the upcoming year of flagpole production and ceremonies.

The "Final 100":

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