"Among the men who fought on Iwo Jima, uncommon valor was a common virtue."

--Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN, 16 March 1945.  

During my nearly two decades as owner of Adirondack Flagpoles we made it a point to give away one handcrafted flagpole to a combat veteran or wounded warrior each year. These are a few of their stories, take your time please... every minute is worth viewing. I learned about what makes real heroes from the best, and honoring these men who served our nation with such valor was priceless to me, and the inspiration for American Heroes Flagpoles. Thank you for letting me share a few of these experiences with you.


9-11 VIDEO

Brooklyn NY - Septermber 11th, 2011

While not technically a military flagpole, one of the most moving experiences of my career. Three days on the 10th anniversary of 9-11, attending the Memorial Services on Sunday, meeting the FDNY heroes and the families of the fallen. Truly a life changine experience and the single flagpole I am most proud of.

GREGORY T. LEE - USMC 1969-1971 - Vietnam, 7th Marines

Vietnam Veteran flagpole dedication ceremony.
May 29th, 2017 - Plattsburgh New York Veterans Park

Greg Lee Wounded Warrior Ceremony
A true hero and disabled vet receives one of our first wounded warrior flagpoles here in the North Country. M-60 Machine Gunner. 2 Purple Hearts at age 16 and 17. Lost right arm in Quang Ni Province 1970.

So proud of this one and of being a great friend of Gregg's, the finest Marine I have ever known. The video is rather home-made but I do feel the true emotion still comes through. Watch closely a 03:28, we never told Gregg this flagpole was for him, and when he realized it was he leans forward and kisses the flagpole. Not a dry eye in the crowd, and one of the finest days of my life.

"Other than the birth of my children and the day of my marriage, receiving this flagole was the greatest honor of my life."

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VINCENT ABBOTT / U.S. Army [Battle of the Bulge]

Vincent Abbott and family  Yarmouth Port
WW-II Veteran - The Soldier and the Flagpole

Mr. Vincent and I became very close after this ceremony and stayed in touch for years. When he passed away his son told me first thing every morning of each and every day since we met he would step out on his front porch and salute the flagpole, and say "Thank God for Danny."

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Our first American Heroes flagpole recipient of 2023. USMC decorated veteran of the Battle of Khe Sanh, one of the toughest engagements of the Vietnam War. 6000 Marines held off two full divisions of NVA regulars, 20,000 men, for 77 days enduring constant shelling, trememdous casualty rates, and a lifetime of anguish for their Valor and Heroism.

Click on image to view Video of this Ceremony

1SGT FOX / Iraq & Afghanistan 4 tours 2 Bronze Stars

1st Sgt Kim Zane Fox

1SGT fox was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq, and is a true hero in my eyes and those of many others. Here is what he had to say in his last letter to me: "Thank you very much Danny you don't know how much this means to me. You are a patriot and God bless you. You will never know how much you've done for me in so many ways. You my Brother are my Hero." Made my day! dk

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JOE DEMARCO - USN, LST 800 Battle of Iwo Jima

Joe DeMarco flagpole dedication ceremony

Joe DeMarco flagpole dedication ceremony. Jun 2, 2016

One of my greatest friends, and my greatest Hero. This flagpole and ceremony was a total surprise to him on his 90th Birthday, an incredible experience and well deserved by a very fine man and outstanding veteran, the Greatest Generation.

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Bronze Star for Valor - Vietnam
1942 - 2023
Tragedy struck the Heroes Project in August of this summer, as our sixth recipient to be honored with an American Heroes flagpole on September 16th of 2023 died suddenly and unexpectedly after being selected. Our officers considered whether or not to go forward with the ceremony, and determined the best option was to let his widow Jean Burks make that decision.

  Jean chose to accept the flagpole as a lasting tribute to her husband who had served this Nation so gallantly. The ceremony was sad and extremely moving, two Marines raised Dan's flag, a beautiful speech by Jean, and other friends and family also spoke, and closing with taps echoing from their mountaintop home through the surrounding woods honoring Daniel Burks.

  Jean called me to thank the Foundation a few days later, I will never forget her words of how much this meant to her and how grateful she was. I was completely overwhelmed by her description of this flagpole symbolizing her love for her husband and how proud she was of his service in wartime. God Bless you Jean, and Lt. Burks... God Bless you Sir.
Hello Danny,

    I want to thank you so much for the beautiful, wonderful job that you did. The ceremony was just over the top, more than I ever expected, and everyone said the same thing. It means everything you did was moving for everyone who attended, it was just spectacular. The flagpole placement is perfect. I can sit at my table and see the flag, sit on the couch were Dan sat and see the flag, and it's the first thing you see when you pull in our driveway. You did a magnificent job… you are just the best. Again thanks so much.

   Take care,    Jean

The "Final 100":

  • I have thousands of photos and many videos covering 18 years of donating an Adirondack Flagpole every year to deserving heroes. I believe I can find the support from the great Americans that I have had the pleasure of having as my clients for this to continue on an even grander scale. I also have another dozen wounded warrior Adirondack Flagpole recipients that would be honored to write a testimonial of the impact receiving their flagpole had on them.

  • These ceremonies and friendships formed and honoring the best America ever had have become the focus of my life. The American Heroes Flagpoles Foundation will become the capstone of my career and I urge you to help in this great endeavor with all of your heart. Thank you !

  • More videos will be posted here and on our FaceBook page as we begin our first year of flagpole dedication ceremonies this fall.
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